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Export a msg folder tree as *.eml files (in folder tree)?
Occasionally I would like to export an existing message/email folder tree to the hard disc.

My preferred format threrfore is EML.
So I will get a folder tree with corresponding .eml files.

Is such an export possible in TheBat?

If yes: How excatly can I perform it when I want to export e.g.
the message folder tree with topnode \archive\2014\
in account "test"?

Likewise I want to be able to import this msg folder tree later.

Hi, Matt

Only single messages can be exported in .eml format.
You can create a folder manually and export multiple messages in .eml format or export folders in Unix Mailbox.
Ok, thank you for answer.

However I would urgently appreciate a multi-message dir tree export (and import) in ONE STEP in TheBat.

Could you add this feature in the next release?

Thank you
Matt, if you are trying to export message folder tree to be able to use it later in The Bat! again, you can simply copy the mail folder.

To find it: Press Win+R key combination, then type in %email%

When you'll need to import the message folder tree in The Bat! (when you install the program on a different computer) point to this folder at the first launch of the program. The Bat! will recognize all the settings of email accounts, messages, etc. and restore them.  

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