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Can I upgrade safely? The Bat Pro v3.64 to v6.8.8
I have been using The Bat since 2002 and I've always been hesitant about upgrading because my e-mail and workflow are so important to me, both personally and professionally. I'm currently using v3.64.01 Pro (Christmas Edition) which was released in 2005! It still works just fine, and the only reason why I should probably upgrade is that Gmail has begun using a type of SSL certificate that this old version of The Bat doesn't recognize, so I can't retrieve my gmail messages anymore.

Anyway, I'm concerned that my many accounts, account settings, filters, quick templates, address book, keyboard shortcuts, etc, may not be picked up by a new version, or that everything works or looks differently from what I am used to. Is that a valid concern or can I just take the plunge?

I'm using a 32-bit Windows system and all my accounts are plain POP3. I'm using the Bayes Filter plug-in (with white- and blacklists) to remove spam automatically.

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments!
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Back up everything first (copy your mail folder to somewhere even if you also make backup with the bat ... just in case)
I don't know about the plugin, but everything else should go. You will  probably have to point it to the mail and enter one account name and the rest of the mail folder will be there when it opens

Be aware of one thing: in version 5 they changed the database so that you can't go backwards on a converted mail folder (hence the backup of the entire folder. I don't think you will want to go back though :D
Someone in the beta group is running on Windows 10
Well, it only took me 2 years and 4 months to summon the courage to upgrade, but today I finally did it because one of my providers requires SSL encryption. I went from The Bat Pro 3.64.01 to 7.4.16 and everything seems to work flawlessly. Chapeau to the developers!
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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