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Delete emails form Google's All Mail Folder

Installed The Bat! 6.8.8 on my new computer.
When I delete a message in my inbox it should also be deleted in the All Mail Folder but it doesn't.
I don't know what setting I have to change to accomplish this.
In my account settings I have set to move deleted messages to the [Google Mail]\Trash folder
Also tried to rebuild the local IMAP cache but that did not help

What else can I do to change this behaviour?

Tested it in another email client and it worked fine.

Thanks in advance for your kind support.
Edited: Peter Lievers - 25 January 2016 08:40:51 (typing error)
Changed the setting to move deleted messages to the [Gmail]/Trash folder and that worked fine.

Sorry, I should have tried more before posting  :oops:

But I am glad that I figured it out my self  :D

Have a nice day!
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