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How do you change the default font?, How do you permanently replace Courier New 9 as the DEFAULT when composing an email in html mode?
I cannot see any way to change the default font when composing emails. I really don't want to have to change it for each message, which is an option, but a really annoying and time-wasting one. To be honest, it's getting to be a deal-breaker in my use of The Bat! (And what's galling is that here I can at least use what looks like Arial as a default, even if it is much too small.)
Easy way is to change the template for new mails.
Right click on the Account
Go to Properties (last menu item)
Expand Templates
Click on New Message

Change for HTML format, plain text is Courier
In my antique version 3.64 its under Options | Preferences | Viewer/Editor. Both the plain text and HTML editor can be configured with font type, typesize, etc.
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Yes, it sucks.  Took me a LONG time to figure out how to solve.

here is solution, maybe work for you:


(now in v7.4.2)

Options > Preferences > View/Editor > Profile Layout > Item = Regular Text

sets HTML default font ... that you can't get rid of in templates (it shows up on empty lines & when you edit !!

hope helpful.

now... HOW TO SET the default "Style:" (Normal/Heading 1/ etc)  to the left of the font in html edit mode ????
The default style will always be 'normal', just as with a word processor and is set similarly. The other style options are there to allow setting of HTML headings (e.g., h1, h2, h3). Since setting such headings are often of a different font, the option is left to you to set, although default is Arial. This feature is rarely used, as most prefer to either send plain text or to use bold text to highlight headings.  Admittedly, TB! is somewhat difficult to learn, but that is because of its many features. Good luck.
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