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Image in Signature, problem with image
Lover version then 7.2 in signature for email.
If i put image and set some size or no set size and leave image as original so in email is all same as option.
But in version 7.4 and 7.4.4 image change size. I cannot set size which i want use in email.
I think is some bug.... Or is change in this new version and i dont know how to set exact.

Can you help me someone

Where are you setting this? You are using a template but is it in th eaddress book, account settings, folder etc? I have not tried this in some time but if yo give step by step what you are doing I will try to reproduce it here

Usually you just set tup the signature in your template, import a picture, click on it and resize it to what you want. IF it is large, you may want to make a copy of it and resize the copy
why cannot answer here.....
i do it this Account - Properties - Templates new message or another form - insert - insert image
put to signature some PNG image and change his size (do it smaller) save template and do it new email.
But here image size is as original not as my set size... in version 7.1.X all ok but in version 7.4.X is this error... In templates is only original size and i think maybe more biger size as you set... Uunderstand you now? LukasU  
Some answer??
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