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how to open att attachment, att attachment
People include excel, word document in their attachement, It shows up as multiple att file, how can I convert the file to original format?
It depends on what it is. You can detach them to somewhere then view them with
You may be able to copy them together and then rename that file to something. This is a Long drawn out chronic bug that has been going on for YEARS. It is not a Bat issue

You might open notepad and drop the files into it and look for a descriptor amongst the garbage such as Excel, Word, PDF, docx, mobi, epup or whatever. It may give you a hint as to what it is (do not save from notepad!!!)

If you want to put the pieces together, open a command prompt and use this:
copy file1 + file2 finalfile.doc (or whatever

I hope someone who has dealt with a lot of it can provide some better insight for you. This has occurred a lot with Outlook senders in the past
Reading this might give more information
I know it is either word doc or excel file.
cat them in cmd is just too big a hassle, Why cannot bat! handle that?  
To my knowledge, this is an Exchange problem, not a TB! problem. I regularly receive DOC and RTF and XLS files. My suggestion is to contact the person sending these documents. What may work is sending only one attachment at a time. This article explains why I suggest that...     Good luck.
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