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Filters not automatically applying in 7.4.4 64 bit, filters color automatic
I am new to The Bat! I am currently running 7.4.4 Pro 64 bit. I have created several filters under the 'Common Filters' section of Sorting Office. The filters apply just fine when I manually run the filter, or use the Re-Filter option (Ctrl-F), but the filters will not apply automatically to new mail. I have to use the Re-Filter comment to get the filters to run.

In my case, I have created a few different filters to apply color tags to particular emails based off 'sender contains' conditions. The filters are marked as active, and I have the 'Share with' configured to the appropriate account.

Any suggestions on what I may have missed to make my filters apply automatically? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Still looking for assistance or insight on this, please.

Thank you.
Is the filter not set for manual re-filter or hotkey use only? (Captain Obvious speaking here).

Are you sure that the filter is not activated? It might also be that it does run, but somehow the coloring isn't applied correctly. You could add a bogus command to the filter (eg. 'Play a Sound') to verify that the filter is not triggered.

Do you have any other filters that apply to new mail in that particular account, and if so could those be interfering?
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Under the Options for each filter:

Filter is active - checked
Use this filter for manual re-filtering - not checked
Continue processing with other filters - checked
Execute actions of this filter by pressing a Hot Key - not checked

If I manually rung th Re-filter command (Ctrl+F), it processes all the filters correctly.

I have no other filters other than these, so there should be no conflict that I am aware of.

Does that info help?

EDIT: regarding using a sound filter, I am having an issue with not having an option to have a sound play for new email. That thread is located here:

Thanks for any help!
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> Does that info help?

Not really, because you seem to be doing everything correctly. I'm sorry, I have no further ideas at this point (and neither for the 'sound' thread).
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
Ok, I figured I was doing everything correctly. It was fairly intuitive, plus I have used similar filters in eMClient, Thunderbird, and Postbox.

Perhaps this is a bug in 7.4.4 64-bit, and will be addressed in the next version?
I don't use filters but I will share what little experience I have with email clients and filters. I think your filter problem not running automatically may be for the same reason that sound does not work; it's an IMAP account. Like you, I prefer and use IMAP. The issue as I understand it is that messages 'appear' within the IMAP account, not allowing any preprogrammed management of their retrieval, whereas POP mail is anticipated and applying filters is straightforward. So, from my experience, filters had to be applied manually for IMAP and that seems to be what is working for you. If there is a TB! guru who uses filters with IMAP I hope that individual posts to correct my statements. IMAP tended to be an add-on for most email clients and I've found that some features that are time-dependent don't work. Outgoing filters do because they can be anticipated, but not incoming for IMAP. Just my thoughts and I hope they're useful.  Good luck in your pursuit. Wish I had an answer on making it work.
If you have used filters and they didn't work with IMAP in version 7.4.4, try updating to 7.4.8 or later version. Version 7.4.8 have addressed an issue with IMAP filters.
Thank you. I just set up some incoming filters and they WORKED!. Nice to know. Thanks for the update.
I just updated to 7.4.10 and the filters still did not work.

As a new test, I copied the filters from the 'Common' filters, and pasted them as filters specific to each of my Inboxes. I will report back with updates.

EDIT: Filters are now working. Apparently I cannot user filters under the 'Common' filters, and have them work. By copying them from 'Common' and having them apply to each account, the filters are now working automatically!

Thank you for the assistance on this.

Hope this info helps others.
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