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How to apply registration code
I just upgraded TB. I received the order confirmation email but nothing else. So I downloaded the latest version from the web site and installed it. But it is marked as a trial version and there's no way, that I can find, to enter my product code. When I start the program it has a link for "How to Register" but that just goes to the order page. Can anyone explain how to add the product code string?
Isn't it under Help | Enter Registration Code?
There should be a second email containing the license code block assigned to your user name/ email address. Check the junk folder for the email address used.  
Daniel: I don't have have Help in the menu. How do I get to it?

Arnold: I have the block. Just don't see how to apply it.
No Help Menu?
Try this:
Right click on the end of the menu line (Message| Specials | Folder etc)
Select Standard

Do you now see Help (should be the the left of the yellow gear icon.
When I right click, it shows the Standard menu already selected. To the left of the gear icon is the Options menu item.
In my (older, v3.64.01) TheBat, running maximized, I see this main menu:

Message Specials Folder Account Tools View Options Help

I can configure this menu by right-clicking on an item and choosing 'Customise'.
In the dialog that follows, I set 'Select Container' to 'Main menu (menu bar)' to see the configuration of the main menu.

The right panel now shows all those same menu items (including Help). If you don't see that, maybe you can add Help somehow or press Reset to get the default interface. Or, if you DO see the Help item here but not on your regular screen, maybe you can assign a keyboard shortcut to the 'Enter registration code' item, so that you can still open it to enter your code?
Thanks for trying to help. My menu is the same except for the addition of one named Workspace. I've gone through all of the menus but can't find anything that would be for this. I also tried the customize option and went through all of those - no help option to be found. I had sent support a question about this but so far they haven't bothered to respond.
Just to follow-up in case others have this problem.  I heard back from support. They had me delete the main user file to reset the defaults and that allowed the help file to show.
Thanks for sharing the solution. Which file is the 'main user file', in case someone else needs to do that? I admit to not knowing. Thanks.
The location can vary with the installation. Here are the instructions support gave me. Using step 1, it will take you to the correct location.

1. Open the mail data folder ("Program Mail Directory:") via the "Information" tab below the message list.
2. Close The Bat! and delete the tbuser.def file from the root of the mail data folder.
3. Launch The Bat!
Thanks for sharing this. I hope I never need it, but it's good to know the file and its location.
I have paid for the latest Bat software, received my Key Code, and instructions, but when I type in Help\Enter Registration Code I'm directed to a Forum page. No place to put in the Key Code. I've tried several time to put the code in but never get anywhere. I've emailed my question to support, but get the same instructions, which do not lead to a page where I can enter the Code. One more day of this and I will have to ask for a refund and get back to Thunderbird Mail. And I paid for this Bat software! Why is it so hard to register!!
Alene Taylor wrote:
but when I type in Help\Enter Registration Code I'm directed to a Forum page.

Did you go to Help | Enter Registration Code in the menu of The Bat, and did that take you to the "Please enter the registration code" window?
Once there, you shouldn't type anything, but simply paste the key block from your registration email.
When I enter ' Help\Enter Registration Code' I get the Forum Help page. I do not get the "Please Enter the Reg. Code" window. How can I get to that page another way?
Alene Taylor wrote:
When I enter ' Help\Enter Registration Code' I get the Forum Help page. I do not get the "Please Enter the Reg. Code" window. How can I get to that page another way?

Hi Alene,

Well, I think there's a misunderstanding here. You do not type or enter anything, nor visit any page. It doesn't involve this (or any) website and you do not use your browser. It all takes place in the program The Bat itself.

So, these are the steps to follow:

You launch The Bat.
You look up the message that you received with the license key.
You use your mouse to select the five lines of the key block, and press Ctrl-C to copy them to the clipboard.
Then, still in The Bat, go to the main menu, and click on 'Help'. This opens its Help menu.
In the Help menu, you click on 'Enter Registration Code'.
This opens a window titled "Please enter the registration code".
Now you paste (Ctrl-V) the license code into this window, and click on OK.

I hope this helps! If it doesn't, please let me know which step didn't work.
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