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Is The Bat! compatible with the upcoming Creators Update of Windows 10?, Can't send/receive mails since I upgraded
Has TheBat! already been tested if it's compatible with the upcoming Creators Update of Windows 10? (via the insider program)
The reason I ask is, because I already upgraded to the Creators Update yesterday and since i did TheBat! is unable connect to my mail servers anymore. (multiple different servers)

Deactivating the Windows firewall didn't solve the problem. Any idea what MS has changed in it's security policies, that might prevent TheBat! from sending emails or is it just me who has this problem?
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Could it be something in the new App & Browser Control section of the Windows Defender security center? It protects you against "unrecognized apps and files from the Internet" (shiver!). The linked article shows a few more new security features that might be interfering here.
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I hope that tweaking the settings will be easy and "above board". Too often these kind of settings are buried in the sub-menus.

@John Doe - were you able to get connection by adjusting these new "protections"?
Sadly none of the suggestions worked. I disabled every single security measure in the new Security Setting App and TheBat is still unable to establish a connection.
I even noticed, that TheBat crashes from time to time on startup. Sadly the log entry of the crash isn't very informative.

Hidden Text

I also looked at the TheBat process with the Process Explorer to see if there's anything special going on, but i didn't see anything other, that the process isn't even trying to establish a connection when i try to fetch my mails. There are no TCP/IP connections at all.
Other than that everything seems normal and identical to another Win10 machine which I haven't updated yet.

Sadly I hadn't any more time yesterday to do any more investigations, but later today I'll probably do some testing with procmon and try to figure out what's actually going on behind the scenes and maybe even find out why TheBat is crashing at startup from time to time.

While investigating the TheBat process with the Process Monitor I noticed one thing, unrelated to my problem, which i found a little odd. What is going on with the AntiSpam plugins in TheBat? It is running constantly even if TheBat is idling. Shouldn't plugins only be running, when mails are being fetched and processed? Why is a email filtering plugin by far the most CPU intensive task of the entire application?


Maybe there's still some optimization potential, so that TheBat wouldn't use up 0.05% of CPU power all the time and can go actually down to <0.01 like most apps.

That's also a thing I'm going to try today. Disabling my antispam filter. Maybe it's a COM issue.

I figured it out.
It was the AntiSpamSniper plugin which was causing the problem. After disabling it everything worked fine, so i looked if there's a newer version available and after updating the plugin from version to everything is now working again.

Here's the changelog:

(pro) Fixed a compatibility issue in 64-bit version of the plug-in with pre-release versions of Windows 10.

Should have looked at it earlier. :)
Edited: John Doe - 31 March 2017 22:11:09
You wrote that The Bat! sometimes crashed at startup. The screenshots that you have shown indicate version 7.4.4. There were issues with past versions of The Bat!

Current version, 7.4.16, should not crash on startup, the download URL is
Thanks a lot.
Lessen learned. Always keep your software up to date, it might include some important bugfixes.
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