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How do I use TheBat! through Proxy, How to make TheBat! to connect to Internet through LAN Proxy Server
I'm using TheBat! 2.0. I connect to Internet via LAN server, and few days ago the server was turned into the proxy one. So all the LAN users had do make their Internet clients to use proxy; I know how to make Internet Explorer, or Opera, or ICQ Lite to use proxy; but I haven't found any documentation on making TheBat! to use proxy.
As I've found, in TheBat!, the only customization for the Internet connection method is the "Network and Administration" dialog. But there I can only choose between "LAN or manual connection" and "Dial-up networking connection". No documentation on specifying proxy.
Please help.
Pick LAN as your connection.
Set the local IP address of your proxy as mailserver, with the proper ports. (matching those you set for your proxy)
Suppose your username is joe and your mailserver is The most common syntax with proxies is that you try to logon with username (the part after the '@' tells the proxy where to connect to) and the matching password.
When this doesn't work, search your proxy's manual for instructions.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I have tried following the instruction in the previous message on proxy configuration, but could not figure it out.
Could you please explain in more details how this is to be done. Say, I have my email account with And our network has a certain proxy IP with port 8080. Please tell what exactly and where I need to change to get it working. I am using the trial version of TheBat 3.0.1.
Thank you.
The 8080 port is purely for browsing and cannot be used for email. Please contact your network sysadmin for information about which ports to use for POP3 and SMTP proxy and how to specify the target host server names for the connections.

Usually, to connect to mailservers via proxy, the sysadmin has to define TCP mappings for the specific servers to be targetted and attach them to ports.

It is not a The Bat! issue really.
How do I configure TheBat! to use this proxy of the enterprise I work for?

Let's say it's hostname is listening on Port 3128

Do I have to enter it in account properties/Transport send mail & receive mail?

I don't get it. How will the enterprise proxy know about the mail servers from internet then?

I don't have access to change anything in the enterprises proxy configuration. While it is a general purpose proxy for all protocols it should be fine to forward pop and smtp requests. Even though it is set to Port 3128 it forwards all requests (like ssh or ftp for example) to internet.

The proxy works fine with all applications I have tried so far, when I had the chance to tell that particular application the proxy name and port.

Especially for the Voyager this issue is important, because I am pretty sure when travelling around there are proxies and firewalls in different locations you have to tell the Voyager about.

Full Acknowledge to Chris.

Many applications use our enterprises http proxy via port 8080. IE, Firefox, Thunderbird (POP3+IMAP), Winamp, ICQ, FTP .. everything works fine.

I definitely missed this in TheBat! when I tested it a while ago and I wonder why this common feature isn't implemented yet. I'm not so far buying this product finally, but I think I will keep waiting :(

Doing a mail exchange through a proxy takes the mail protocols support at the proxy.
Are you sure your server is mail-aware?

To tell a proxy server where you want to connect to (as for the SpamPal proxy) you may need to specify your accounts (in the Bat!) as follows:

(direct connection)
username == user
password == yourpassword
server == server.domain

(proxyed connection)
username == user@server.domain
password == yourpassword
server == yourproxyserver

I am able to use the Bat! with the SpamPal and with WinProxy (the later has different way of client configuration)
winXP-SP3 Pro, the Bat! v4.0.38
We are talking about enterpise proxy. Here that setup won't do as described.

You need to tell the application in question which proxy and port to use.

In the corporate environment a second thing will happen:
Upon first use of the app through the proxy a popup query for user and password appears. After filling that bit, the popup dissappears. I think that's called NTLM and IP/MAC and app-name is registered after the initial first run.

ritlabs should provide a proper solution. This feature is a must. I bought The Voyager last week, but without that feature it's rendered useless!!!
I have to agree. The only thing TheBat misses is real proxy support. Every other email client seems to have it!
I think there is really great demand for that, while the feature remains unimplemented yet (as of May 2006).

Ritlabs folks should already came over the point considering implementing that, but instead working on implementation of a release.

So common': Tell us something about your plans!

It's a real pain not being able to drive my new car on the highway, because the doors are locked. When entering over the roof I found the steerwheel was locked as well. No problem if it was a stolen one, but that's mine (at least I bought a license to use it)
I think Voyager must support this by design. But I still don't find the configuration dialogue.

Anybody reading? Do you hear?
Hello Support, hello developers...

Wake up, please, if you don't mind.
What is the brand name and version of your enterprize proxy?
winXP-SP3 Pro, the Bat! v4.0.38
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