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Change Directory for backup file
I have changed notebook, on the previous machine the backup was done on the E: drive. In this one there is no e: drive so this backup always comes up prompting for a location and when I click the window shuts itself. I searched the options and couldn't see where to change this. I am using 5.8.8 version

Edited: Jean-Luc Praz - 26 April 2017 21:08:52
My guess is you have to define this in the global backup options: Options | Preferences | System | Click 'Advanced'
I thought so too but no, there I have got the corret folder

In regedit, if you do a search on E:\TheBat, do you find occurrences?
If Pierre's suggestion doesn't help, maybe you can plug-in an USB drive or use Uwe Sieber's USB Drive Letter Manager ( to get an E: drive, and see if you can change the path then?
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