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Zooming emails, font in address book, Question on how to zoom emails and change the address book font
Using The Bat 7.4.16.

First, apologies if this has been posted before.  I tried searching just now, and nothing I searched for returned any result for some reason.

On my laptop, sometimes when reading HTML emails, the text is really small.  Other email clients like Outlook have a little control at the bottom so you can zoom in and out of the email to make it more readable.  Is there any way to do this right now, or should this be a feature request?

Another thing that's hard to read is entries in the address book.  There are options to change the font for the main UI, the folder list, the message list, and so on.  How do I choose a different font for the address book so the text is larger and more readable?

For zooming the font of a message, right-click on the message body then click Zoom In or Zoom Out (or use the shortcut keys). I don't see any way to add zoom as a toolbar button, so you could submit a feature request (not on this forum, but via the link to Support at the top of any TB webpage).

I don't see any way to change the font in the Address Book.
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