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Multiple gmail SMTP/POP3 accounts
I have multiple SMTP/POP3 accounts attached to my GMAIL account.

Is it possible to configure The Bat to be able to send & receive different accounts in the same inbox?
Well, it requires a bit of 'smoke and mirrors', but it's doable. First, pick a primary Gmail account and set the others to forward all received mail to the primary and to delete from the original account. Do that from the web interface. That will bring all mail to one inbox. To send new messages, you could use templates or separate folders for the various accounts, setting each with a different email property. However, if this is a key requirement for you, then you may wish to evaluate Thunderbird or Postbox or Operamail (not sure if that is still supported), all of which do what you are requesting, in that they provide the transparent impression of a single inbox and outbox. Good luck.
Edited: david kirk - 17 June 2017 14:52:16
Thanks for Your reply.

The thing is I really like Android gmail functionality.

But I think I will need to spread all my accounts
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