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Failed to store messages in the database
I set up a new email account in The Bat.  It is a POP account and is set up exactly like all the other accounts, however, when I check for new mail, I get a message that it downloaded the messages but failed to store them in the database.  Where should I check for problems and how to fix this?

I've never seen this error myself, but if it happened here, I would verify that the directory and files of this account are accessible and not write-protected.

To locate that folder: In The Bat's account tree, you can right-click on the name of the account and choose Properties. Then choose Files & Directories and look at 'Home directory' to see where its files are located (if it says '<default>', you can click on the Browse button to see which folder it is).

Then visit that folder with Explorer or your favorite filemanager and verify if you have read/write access to them.
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All the other accounts I have set up say '<default> except that one account.  For that one account the entire folder string is listed, i.e. 'users/appdata/.....'  However, I went to Gmail settings and enabled IMAP, even though this is a POP mail account, and now it seems to be working.  I don't know what that has to do with anything, but for right now it seems to have fixed the problem.  
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