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Huge IMAP folder

I am using TheBat v7.4.16 (the latest v7) on Win 10 build 17134.

I am using Acronis to backup my important files every day. It used to be less than 100MB per backup. Today, when cleaning up my disk, I noticed that each backup started taking 16 GB compressed. After checking what's in them, I figured that I have an IMAP directory in one of my accounts that has exploded to 22 GB.

Back in October 2018 I had enough of the old pop3 system and its inability to to share an account across multiple devices. So I setup the bat to use my regular ISP mailbox through IMAP, and added my two gmail accounts to thebat as well.

If I check the directories, in my ISP mailbox, the pop3 account that I've been using since 2006 or so, I have 211 MB. My 2 gmail accounts, a few years old as well, have 51 and 265 MB. But in the 6 months since I switched my ISP mailbox to IMAP, I somehow got 22 GB of mail?

I've purged and compressed, I've checked the sizes that thebat is showing me, nothing huge.

I've checked the files in the IMAP directory. They all have temp names like "2FFD25F8.TBB". This one btw is 155 MB and is from yesterday. I have "36B2ED36.TBB" from today at 113 MB. I certainly did not receive that much in the last two days.

The next files sorted by size are 241 files, all 57.6MB in size, and ALL WITH THE SAME CONTENT, for a total of 13 gigs. Then 75 files with the same content, 53.3 MB each, for 3.9 GB in total. And so on and so on. Dates vary from october to this month.

So how do I clean this mess without ruining my mailbox?

Well, the 'good news' is that IMAP accounts aren't dependent on the email client. You could delete the account in TB! and redo if needed and not lose data. My first suggestion is to upgrade TB. Your version is 2 years old and, from my personal experience, IMAP performance has improved significantly with version 8. Good luck.

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I would look up the oldest file that seems to have gone awry, and examine its contents to see if I could identify the message that caused/started the corruption (I would use a generic file viewer like LISTER (freeware). Then delete that message from the mailserver and refresh my local messagebase (refresh it somehow -- I don't use imap myself, but I assume this can be done?).
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@Neofit26   I'm just wondering if you solved this issue? If yes, pls share the solution. :) thanks
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