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Multiple SMTP-Server/Aliases to send from but under 1 account!, Something like google allows!
Picture explains it best, I think:

I'm looking for something like that. I have got 1 gmail-account, it's a collection, tag, and archiving account, say And I got 5 active Email adresses that I forward EVERYTHING from to , there are no copies of these EMaily anywhere but on .

Now depending to which Email I reply, I got the option to choose from 3 senders (each with their own smtp server, as seen in the picture). I want something like that in The Bat! To clarify. I DO NOT WANT 6 different accounts in The Bat! I want 1 Account, and from that Account I want to be able to send from,,,

Is that possible?
That is called 'email spoofing' and is generally considered spam. This happens because the sending smtp server and the from address don't match. TB! has the ability to provide this facility and does it well, but your approach is to disarm its strength. To achieve the ability to see all in one inbox and reply separately to each, I suggest you create an account for each email id and then set up virtual folders for inbox and sent folders. Works beautifully and transparently. I think you will like it. I have multiple email accounts and they all appear in one inbox. Good luck.

No, that's exactly the oposite of what I want: I do not want to send from, not ever.

I'll receive the email from in my, account. And when I click reply, I will not be using the SMTP server from MyArchive but from ActiveMail01.

Example in the picture: My will receive my Mails. WhenI reply to I won't be using google's SMTP but the SMTP. Exactly, because of spoofing.
That's not what I explained. If you 1) stop forwarding to myarchive@, 2) set up accounts for each in TB!, 3) set up virtual folder for inbox, then whenever you receive mail into the virtual folder, your reply will automatically use the correct responding email id. This eliminates the need for myarchive@ account. I understand the intent, but letting TB! do the heavy lifting will give you exactly what you want: one inbox and automatically use the appropriate email id for responding.

Yea, I played with it around in the meanwhile....I likey! I made a common directory, put all the virtual directories there, done.

Only question I have:

Why are Misc-Combo, Spam and Draft with * and the other ain't? They were all before.
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David's suggestion sounds like a very good and simple solution.

Note that in The Bat, when you respond to a message, you can manually choose a different 'From' account quite easily - just click on the account name in the status bar below the editor. Maybe you can also choose a different 'From' account automatically through a macro in the template, I've never tried that.
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Well, I've never seen * as part of folder names, so I'm not any help there; however, I'm not sure what you mean by a common folder for virtual folders. Good luck.

Yea, I went with david's suggestion. Better idea.

Now....what kinda plugins are out there? I know for Total Commander there's a dedicated fan-site for 3rd party plugins. Anything like that for The Bat?
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