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%ODate, %OTimeLong,
in the template for reply and forward I can use either "%ODate, %OTimeLong", which takes the system language, or "%ODateEn, %OTimeLongEn", which uses the corresponding English fields. Is there a way to use a different language? For example, if I use "%ODateFr, %OTimeLongFr", I get empty fields instead of the French version. Is that normal?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Yes, it should be possible to specify a different language. From the Help:

%<prefix>DATE or %<prefix>DATE="text" --  Inserts the current date in the long date format defined in your system's settings under "Start -> Control Panel -> Date and Time" or under “Control Panel\ Clock, Language, and Region” if you are using Windows 8. You can use your own format using the parameters, see
To insert a date in a certain language, use language ID as the second parameter. If the language is specified, Windows formatting is used. Additionally, when formatting a date, you can use "L" format specifier to insert date in the long format.
For example, the %DATE("L", "DE") macro inserts „Mittwoch, 25. November 2015”, the %DATE("dddd dd MMMM yyyyy gg", "DE") macro inserts “Mittwoch 25 November 2015 n. Chr.”

Source:   (Italics by me)

Have you tried %ODATE("L", "FR") ?
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