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allow sending from Gsuite account using TheBat!
GSuite is the Google business gmail with your own domain.

I would like to set it up in TheBat! similar to a Gmail Account.  

My goal is not really to do anything with the mail download, but simply to allow all sending from the GSuite email account from TheBat!

Also I might use it as a reply-to addy, or a cc.  (The reply:to and CC was working on an earlier day, but not now.)

Anyone with experience and ideas and references would be very helpful!

This looks like a Gmail question, not a TB! question. I suggest using a search engine with a search something such as "How to set up gsuite email" or locate a gsuite forum. At first blush, since Gmail is the email component, it may be the same or similar


Choose POP3 or IMAP in the 4th paragraph to see the relevant settings.
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Now I have it passing the Test in setup and setting up a mailbox.  However it is not "seeing" the actual mail and the outbound times out.

Anyway, closer than before, when I could not pass the Test Server authentication.

I tries the 3 different SSL things, including "Regular", which was the default.

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