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Problems Bat and XP SP2, Cant fetch or send e-mail after SP2
I have a situation where thebat v.3 was working fine until the SP2 was installed. After that I get a message thats says "the server could not be connected" or the fetch window just stands still and nothing happends.

The thing is that I have 2 computers with the same setup, except for one thing... the other computer dont have SP2 installed and its working fine on that one.

I have disabled windows built-in firewall and tried pretty much everything I can think of, so now I really need some help on this one.
Me, I cant install TheBAt! v3 on XP with SP2.
I get an erorr like:"The system can not open the device or file specified" And after "cancel" I get "Internal error 2755.110".
First time I thought  it was an error on downloaded file but it installs on XP with SP1 on other computer.
It sounds simular to my problem, the thing is that I installed TheBat on XP SP1 and after that I installed SP2 and then it did'nt work.

Anyone who can confirm that v.3 can be successfully installed on SP2?
On TBUDL (The Bat! User Discussion List) are several people running v3 on SP2, so I guess it's possible.

I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I think its loopback problem. You must install some path for SP2. KB884020 -  
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