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can not start search - right hand actions missing
TheBat 7.4.2
Windows 10

When I go into search the whole section on the right with
Start Stop ... VIrtual Folders

is simply missing. So the search is impossible.

Any ideas?  A registry entry?  Nothing to "pull" on the edge, that I can see.

Any help appreciated.  If I have to reinstall are there any dangers?


>> If I have to reinstall are there any dangers?
Do the full backup, then reinstall.
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Right-click near the top of that dialog (where you would expect that menu/toolbar to appear or to the right of it), and you should get a context menu that lets you turn on/off several items, including the 'Standard' toolbar that you're looking for. You may have to unlock the toolbars first, from that same context menu.
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