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How do I stop The Bat! stealing focus...?, TB steals focus, as against its sub-menus and other programs
TB 9.0.16. Windows 10 1809.

Whatever I try, TB intermittently captures focus when I (a) sel ect 'compose', etc; (b) open a sub-menu. If TB is full-screen, it can be impossible to get behind the main pane to the sub-menu or other open programs, or to the desktop.

A temporary solution is to make TB smaller on the screen before doing any of these, and then trying to minmimise the main screen, so as to get to whatever it is I have tried to open.

But it is far fr om ideal.

Is there a workaround I haven't spotted?

Can you do screen-video of the bug and create ticket to the support?
On my side here there is no stealing focus to TheBat. And never have it.
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Thanks. I'll have a go, once I've worked out how to do that!
Are you using the Mail Ticker? If so, I wonder if the problem disappears when you turn it off (Options | Preferences | Message List | Mail Ticker | Display Mail Ticker: Hide).

Are you using any desktop management or multi-monitor software that may be interfering?

In the properties of the desktop shortcut (icon) that you use to launch The Bat, have you tried setting the window size to Normal instead of Maximized (if that is the case now)?
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It's 'normal' already, with '/nologo' also. I'll try with the Mail Ticker hidden. Thanks!
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