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double registration, Is it possible to have more than one registration of a mailbox?

I'm moving to The Bat! because I've given up any hope of Forté Agent ever adding IMAP support.

But on the other hand, I'm used to having a complete archive of my emails.

Is it possible to have the same mailbox registered twice?  Once for active mail, and one using POP so I can keep an archive?

Or it there a way to have external folders - physically on my local disk?

Following up my own posting.....

You can double-register an account, as long as you give it a different email address.  So, if you're using, via IMAP, you can also register, via POP.  Obviously, set "leave mail on server", to make sure you don't delete something you want to keep current....

I'll let you know how it works out. :D  
Have you considered just setting a filter to move incoming mail to a local folder?
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