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Program crashes frequently, Program not responding error
I run The Bat! on a Windows 10 Pro machine (ThinkPad laptop)
I haven't upgraded to the most recent version (9), however, since the new version came out, I experience crashes frequently, just by doing simple ordinary tasks, such as clicking on Create new message button, etc.
Does anyone experience the same?!AkunLSVYlZi9iDUY39n-ytwxAxYk?e=3bvDRi
You'll find many suggestions in this topic:  The Bat! v8.3 64-bit repeatedly crashes
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Did you try just to re-install TB?
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The Bat has always crashed several times per day with all my 10 users.  All on different brand laptops and PCs.  The advantages of The Bat are clear and we have decided to live with this.

The situation has been going on for more than 10 years.  Some releases are less stable than others.

The other thing that happens from time to time is that emails disappear in folders that are very large and old.  You can tell when this happens as complete months are missing and not just a single email.  Again, we live with this and make weekly back-ups so that you can get the mails back.  This is why we only use POP accounts as we leave email for 30 days on our mail server.  That way we can refresh a back-up to bring emails back.  We also make sure that we put others in copy of emails so that sent emails can be retrieved.

Running the "maintenance center" once a week also seems to help.

People have been complaining about the instability of The Bat for over a decade and we keep asking for help.  I have sent Ritlabs many log files over the years.

Hello, Thomas.
I admire your dedication to TB!. You must be achieving significant productivity to accept 30 or so crashes daily and periodic loss of email. We've discussed this before, and I still feel there is something involved here other than TB! because what you're experiencing is not common. I run TB! and it has never crashed. Not once. Have you tried running it in isolation, possibly with Sandboxie -  ?  If you have not, it might be worth a try. If TB! runs okay in isolation, that would indicate something else on your PC is not playing well with TB!. Just thoughts...  I do wish you success.

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