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Rare confirmation message with a gmail account, When checking email in a gmail account, ask for confirmation

My current version of The Bat is 7.4, S / N 437B0E1C

I have 3 accounts configured in The Bat, it started happening a few days ago that the following window appears in one of the accounts:

translating tells me
"This browser or app may not be secure. More information.
Try it with a different browser. If you use a compatible browser, refresh the page and log in again. "

When I click "Next" another similar one appears ...

Note that the "Ok" button is disabled, and that you can only click "Cancel"
When I click on "Cancel", there it checks and downloads the e-mails.

The strange thing about all this is that it only happens to me with one of my gmail accounts. This account has POP download enabled, and less secure application access is also enabled. This is corroborated. I also tried enabling / disabling IMAP access and the same thing happens.

I tried to download Thunderbird and check the account with which that happens, because in thunderbird it does not happen.

Is there a way that this message does not appear every time the mail is checked?
Will it be solved in future versions of The Bat?

And one last clarification. I don't use the latest version of The Bat, because my license is only valid for versions prior to 8.
Edited: Pedro Martin Torres - 15 July 2020 21:00:08
TB!8 and early have problems with Gmail nowadays. You're need to do upgrade to actual 9th version.
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Gmail (pop3) still works fine for me with The Bat Pro v8.8.2 32-bit.
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