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Virtual common folders, and the mail ticker
I have virtual common folders - inbox, outbox, sent, etc - set up, and the relevant folders in all my email accounts feed into them.

I also use the mail ticker.

Here's my question: when I click on the ticker, how can I make it so that the incoming email(s) open in the virtual common folder inbox, and not in the inbox of the email account in question?

That would solve a lot of moving around from one email account folder to another!

Is this possible? If it is, it would be great to know!
>> Is this possible? If it is, it would be great to know!
You can only ask support about this feature. AFAIK, there is no such feature. I too don't like that mailticker is only a showcase for the new messages and we can't command what to do with message directly from ticker (as we can do in notification preview in some Android apps).

I can tell you about workaround if your question about moving between unread messages. Do you know about smartspace feature?

Or you can add two buttons to your interface that will send you up and down between unread messages:
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