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How to disable maintaince service, maintaince service freezes on program shut down
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to disable The Bat! maintaince service, it comes up every time I try to close The Bat! and freezes, I have to start the windoze task manager and terminate the process to close it.
I have tried deselecting everything from the maintaince center but it always reselects the mail account when I close it, though non of the actions at the bottom are selected again.
In my v8, the Properties | Options of a POP3 account show these settings:

- Empty Trash folder on exit
- Compact all folders on exit

Additionally, each folder within the account has its own Properties | Additional, where a maximum number of messages or a maximum age can be defined, along with 'On exit'-settings for removing old messages and compacting the folder.

I think these options are what causes the maintenance center to appear on exit. They may be different for IMAP accounts, and for different versions of The Bat.
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Thanks for the sugestion, I am just on a trial of 9.3 and the only thing I found  that looked relevant was an option to compact emptied folders under mail  management-deletion but it was not selected and 'the bat' still won't close normally.
I have been looking at various features of 'the bat' and tried adding another email account and the maintaince center only flashes up briefly when I close 'the bat' now, but as to why ??
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