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Replying to email forum, How to reply to email forum
I am a former user of claws-mail. I am trying to figure out how to configure The Bat to reply to an email forum. In claws-mail I could just set it up in the folders property's setting. Does the Bat do anything similar?
Do you mean a mailing list, something like the old Yahoo Groups?

If so, the only things that I generally do, is to make a new folder for it within the mail account that I use, and make two filters (in the Sorting Office of that account) that move the Incoming and Outgoing messages for that mailing list into that folder. As a criterium for the filter I use the reply-to address of the mailing list ("HEADER FIELD - REPLY-TO - CONTAINS - GROUPLIST@SOMESERVER.NET").

Additionally, in the folder properties under Identity, I can specify a different name, organisation, email address and reply-to address if I want to or if the mailing list requires it. Note: I use POP3 accounts, I don't know if the settings of an IMAP folder also have Identity options).  

Finally, in my The Bat v8, under Specials in the main menu, there are some Mailing List related commands that I have never used but that may still be useful to you.

I hope this helps.
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