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Backup restores mail folders but not their contents, Empty mail folders after restore

Hello all,

Today I wanted to run a restore from a TBK file and ran into two problems:

1. It was not possible to select one specific subfolder to be restored: I was able to select the "Projects" folder but not one specific project subfolder contained in it. Any way to fix that?

2. So I ran the restore on my old laptop that had a working Bat installation. This operation restored the folders but not their contents: the folders were all empty! I'm glad that I didn't run that on my working computer as it would have overwritten valuable data.

Why is that? How can I restore actual mails?

Grateful for your hints:

PS: The backup was created with The Bat! Professional, version 8.8.9, 64-bit running under Windows 10.

The restore target on the other computer was The Bat! Professional, version, 64-bit running under Windows 8.1.
Can you try to install and do restore under 8-8-9 version?
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