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Slow showing images in message
I can't tell if this is new starting with the latest update (9.3.4), but it seems like images in HTML messages show up really slowly. Previously, I could open a message and images would start appearing almost right away. Now, for some messages, it takes up to 10 seconds before they start showing. Has anyone else seen this? Could it be some kind of setting?
Are these images that were included with the message as attachments, or images linked from somewhere on the internet? If it's the latter, a slow connection or antivirus software may cause a delay too.

I'm still using v8 myself, but does 9.3.4. offer you a choice of which html engine is to be used, e.g. under Options | Preferences | Viewer/Editor | HTML Viewer?
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Hmm, nope. In HTML Viewer, there are only "Download external media" (Auto or manual), and checkboxes for "Display text emoticons as images" and "Display links as pop-up bubbles".

The images are linked, but like I said, I'm pretty sure they used to load faster, but I don't really have a way to test/time that.

Thanks for the suggestions, anyway.
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