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issue with re-activating,kinda urgent, iam using voyager right now,and it requests a re-activation
i have to run voyager, with all my mails, (w10 sandbox  in linux,works perfect)
the app requests now a reactivation,its kinda not an issue,if it would give me 1 hour,and access.
i have the mail where i paid,and the codemail.. both inside it. nowhere else,just there
i cannot check the files from outside,its kinda tricky, yes i see the messages tbb, etc.. but i have about 9k mails,and thats just from the last 2 years (i sell stuff,and buy alot..)

is there any general code,that may work for 10 minutes, or anyone to write to,to give me my data again. its just a couple minutes,
i have a backup of my mails
i have voyager
i have my paypal acc to prove i paid to that one company..(same what sells kaspersky)

what i dont have, access to my win partition,not here.. (medical issues,not corona)

what i need,is to access my mails in the next 8 hours, ti agree on some deals,
i didnt know voyager reasks,i prepaired carefully, and activatet,and now it reasks? darn it.

any sugestions?
I don't know Voyager, but would it suffice to download the TB! trial version to handle mail temporarily?  Just a thought...

Can you use to read your messages until you find a permanent solution?
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
yes, one of the clinical staff had the same idea, you offer the trial, i could install and access it, its working again.. but even if i had printed it out,no use in that case.

sorry for the late answer, i didnt want to type while high (surgery),

thanks anyway,if that one guy hadnt mentioned i had read it here. thanks again, all good, and yes the bat works great in VMware WS 16 pro (cant say for other vm stuff)

thanks again guys.
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