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Windows hiding The Bat icon, How do I keep Windows from hiding the icon
Hi all,

Maybe a weird question. I have The Bat! set to minimize to System Tray. The icon displays a tooltip that says something like "10 new messages". Every day, Windows hides that icon so I have to click the little caret symbol to access the "hidden icons". As far as I can tell, this is based on the tooltip. When I go to unhide it, it shows The Bat's icon and the tooltip message.

Is there a way to force Windows not to hide The Bat's icon? Maybe change it so The Bat's icon only shows a generic message like "You have new messages"? Otherwise, it gets annoying to have to click twice to get the main window to appear, or change it so it minimizes to the Taskbar instead.

Thanks for any and all help!
Have you tried "Always show icon in the system tray" in Options | General? I suspect that would fix it.
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Thanks, that did the trick. I somehow overlooked that.
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