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Application Log file?, A way to look up start errors retrospective?
When starting The Bat today, I immediately received two error dialogues saying that plugins could not be loaded and would have to be reinstalled/activated. I OK'ed those away too fast and remember only one of the mentioned Plugins, which was Antispamsniper. The Bat continued starting up and behaving normally afterwards besides that, well, no antispam measures took place. I reactivated Antispamsniper, restarted The Bat and regarding that plugin everything resumed working correctly, even the statistics up to now were untouched. So far so good.

With the restart there was no other error message so I've just plain forgotten what the other error was about. I also can't remember adding up anything else than Antispamsniper.

Q: Is there any system/app logfile where I can look up such errors afterwards?

An option you have to reassure yourself that all is well would be to do a reinstallation, in which case a menu will open with a repair option.

There's a log for exception errors during startup, there are communication/message exchange logs and there can be protocol logs, but I don't think regular program errors are logged anywhere. But if the error condition still exists the next time that you launch The Bat, won't you simply get the same error message again?
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