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How to run an email program on two computers so that the same computers can use the same mail (folder). I have noticed that I am getting duplicate emails that come in simultaneously on two computers. How to solve this problem?
The configuration of receiving and deleting messages from the server is identical on two computers because these two computers share the same configuration folder in the network. Please help me how to configure mail so that everything works correctly. ( two independent computers that use the same mail folder at the same time ).
The Bat is not designed for multi-user network use. I don't think it's a good idea to share a message base or even just settings over the network.
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Normally, I would advise IMAP, assuming he uses the two computers at different times. He doesn't appear to be sharing, since he has same account on both computers. For example, I have same mail folder on PC and on phone with no problems. Maybe if he explains what he is trying to do, we could advise better. I am confused on his intent.
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It's about the work of the sales team. For example Parking only works locally and would be needed for many seats. The same applies to delayed sending, e-mail notes, etc. Only work on the local network, of course.
I still have no idea what you're wanting to do. IMAP would let both PCs see all the messages and do whatever they need to do, but I must be not understanding what you want.
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