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How do I reset the Message-List-Height ?
Somehow I set the Message List Height so tall that only a few Email Message "Subjects" are shown. See the jpeg.
I already checked the3 box in Preferences Options Other ..for sizes

OK, I see I can't attach a screenshot.
You can use an external image host (e.g. and put a link to your image in your message.

I don't fully understand the issue and I'm probably not using the same version as you (which one?), but would it help if you switch to a different window split mode, and then change back? See Workspace | Window Split Mode. Also, isn't there simply a divider line (that you can drag with your mouse) somewhere between the message list and the pane that has stolen some of its space?
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TB Pro Christmas Edition 9.5

I also thought there would be edge-drag-handles. However, I found none and also went through all the different split modes.

It's quite annoying, whatever I caused.

The message list, now, show but three emails of a total over 20 .

thanks reply BTW
Can't you drag the bottom of the message list to extend it?  There may not be visible handles to drag, but if you move your mouse pointer over the area, it will change to a resizing pointer at the correct spot.
If there are no drag handles, could it be that you've somehow locked the panels in place? If so, is there an unlock option in the menu, or in a context menu when you right-click on the edges?

I'm using an older version myself, v8.8.2, which makes it harder to experiment. However, it seems that The Bat (again, in my old version) is saving the message list configuration in the 'Panel Layout' registry key in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT\The Bat!]. So, if you happen to have a registry backup, maybe you can see if you can copy the old value back to that key (when The Bat is not running).
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No Luck Daniel.
I have searched through seemingly all option and preference places.
I've tried ctrl-alt-shift drag and all other combinations ... on the Message-List-Header fields.

Even the Column Fields themselves have an inch or more vertical space.
Yet this wasn't the case before. And obviously somehow I DID drag them to be taller. Or I did something to cause it.
I dunno why though.

All I did was to change as many Font-Change locations I could find, to Consolas.

Now the Message List column height is about what you would expect to accommodate a line of characters.
That's good to hear. And a mysterious solution is still a solution! :)
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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