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Gmail labels not visible as IMAP folders
I configured Gmail account in The Bat! using IMAP. In Gmail I have custom labels visible as IMAP folders. On The Ba!t side I don't see them in "Manage IMAP folders" dialog. Any idea why?

For short time (seconds) I saw them on left panel under my new account but they disappeared.
Just a suggestion: Be sure that the labels are set to show in IMAP in your web gmail account.  

Labels are set to be visible over IMAP. Windows Mail presents those labels without a problem. Same with eM Client.
In Manage IMAP Folders, I see a [Gmail] "folder", and under that I see exactly what I see in the folder panel: All Mail, Drafts, Important, Sent Mail, Spam, Starred, and Trash. Otherwise I see Inbox (but styled INBOX) and Junk, but not Outbox, Sent Mail, and Trash.

Gmail for me is not my primary email account -- in fact, I only have it because it's automatically part of a Google Account, and the only email I get there is some stuff from Google and test emails that I send. So I'm sure I don't understand how Gmail labels map to IMAP folders....

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