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v10 Beta Testing has Begun
Ritlabs has just posted this announcement in their News section today. They are running a public beta for the next release, which I think is a very good idea. I would urge all users who have discussed unresolved v9-issues here in the forum (as well as those who take a special interest in the new/improved Calendar and Address Book functions) to use this opportunity to report them to the developers and hopefully get them fixed.

The start of The Bat! v10 beta-testing!
17 February 2022

We have waited for the new version for quite a long time and today we are happy to announce the start of The Bat! v10 beta-testing!  

Loyal The Bat! users have participated in beta-testing of The Bat! for years, but now every owner of The Bat! v9 license has gained the opportunity to test the next major version before it is officially released. To take part in the beta-testing of The Bat! v10 you need to register at our beta-portal Fill in your name, email address and input The Bat! v9 serial number (you can check it in the “Help → About” menu). Thus, you will create your The Bat! Network account. You will be able to view the revision history of beta-versions and download the installation file of the beta-version at this portal. We plan to implement further features at our beta-portal in the future to make The Bat! testing even more comfortable!

The users of earlier versions of The Bat! (starting from v7) also have the chance to take part in the beta-testing of the newest version. If you are one of them, just register at the beta-portal, input your The Bat! registration key and apply for participation. We will grant the access to beta-versions randomly. The earlier you register, the greater the chance to get the newest beta-version!

All the owners of the older The Bat! versions can purchase the license upgrade now and take the advantage of the free Smart Upgrade program. The new key will be valid for all The Bat! v9.xx versions and will allow the users to upgrade to The Bat! v10 without additional charges and start The Bat! v10 beta-testing right away!

What is the essence of the beta-testing? You can help us find all the faults and bugs of the newer version and thus contribute to its quicker release. The Bat! v10 features the new Address Book and Calendar (under the „Tools“ menu). It would be great if you test all their functions that you use in your everyday e-mail-management. To report the issues, please create tickets in our Support Center: Describe the exact steps to reproduce the error so that we could quickly fix it. Please remember to assign the The Bat! v10 beta category to your ticket.

To share your impression and general thoughts on the new version you can just send an email to We will read all the emails and make conclusions!

I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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