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Unread mail number error, TB10 shows one unread mail at the folder, but there isn't any.

my TB shows one unread mail at the folder name, but there isn't any. It's via imap, but even at i don't have any unread mail.
(It started yesterday with TB9.5, but remained with update to TB10.)

See it here: unread mail error
(with menu -> view -> display -> show only unread messages, so you can see, that there is no unread mail in that folder)

How can i solve this?
I have no experience with IMAP so I can't help you there, but here are some other possibilities/suggestions:

- Check whether View -> Display -> All Messages is selected
- Check below the message list whether you have a tab that is selected which does the same thing as above
- Run Folder -> Maintenance Center and Check Integrity/Repair that folder
- Delete the folder and create it again (I'm assuming there are no messages in it anyway)
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