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Clean up installation
I noticed that updating to v10.3.3 wasn't working properly as every time I launched TheBat after upgrading it I was seeing the v10.1 in the About box.
I then checked out the "And and Remove program" feature and, to my surprise, I saw that 3 versions of TheBat were installed: v9.4, v10.1 32 bits and v10.3 64 bits (!). I then decided to remove all versions.
And restart my notebook. To my surprise, I saw TheBat coming up. Strange. I checked out and saw that the programs set to run when windows are coming up was "thebat_startup". And to make things a touch more complicated I saw 5 TheBat processes in the Task Manager.

Prior to reinstalling the v10.3.3 I would like to know what I would need to clean up either in the Registry or in the Program Files folders.

Update. Eventually, I ended up deleting the complete C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\The Bat! directory and subdirectories and it did the trick.  
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