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TheBat repeated crashes with error, error
When I compose one HTML message, TheBat shows multiple errors Warnings:
Access violation at address 00000...17EC5D8 in module thebat64.exe. Read of address 000000000000000000

This happens when I compose one HTML message and I add 2 or 3 copy/paste images inside the text. These are not big images, have a normal size.

Very soon the errors appears repeatedly, and the inner HTML format message is destroyed.  

And when I can save the HTML message, the images don't have its original position inside the message. The images only appears like attached images in the message, and the HTML format text is destroyed, showing a lot of spaces between the text lines.

This happens using the PurHTML editor.

when I use the RichText/HTML editor, there is no problem of these errors. However, when the message is saved, the text is completely missed.  When I open the message again, I only can see the images like attached files. And all the text is lost.

It is very difficult to work in these conditions.

Is there some way to solve it?

I have TB version 10.3.2

Please, if the problem is the TB version and you know a more stable version, tell me.

thank you!
Edited: Julian M - 12 January 2023 17:01:20 (add explanations)
I think you would best report this directly to Ritlabs at  

Please include the image files, mention your TB and Windows versions and describe each step taken to reproduce the crash.
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Todays morning TB! starts to falling down for many users.

Update to 10-3-3-3 from full distributive helps to resolve.
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The problem now seems to be solved after update to

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