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Two instances running at same time in same computer, Two instances running at same time in same computer
is it possible to have two instances of TB running at same time in the same computer? (I'm using 9.3.4, 64 bits due problems with editor mainly)
Both instances have only one account with different configurations / parameters
Someone could ask why not to have the two accounts in the same instance. I prefer to have two "separate" programs running (in fact I'm using Eudora for one of them but due the changes in the security policies - POP3, SMTP, etc -  I have to change)
I suppose that I will have to have licenses, correct?

Thanks in advance
Judging by the experiences of users who (unintentionally) had two versions of TB installed on their computer, I would advise against trying this. TB does not seem to be designed to be used that way.
Actually it can be done - see this previous discussion:
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