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The Bat! blocks Autocad launch, Autocad can't start until I close The Bat! app
I couldn't figure out why the acad.exe process is hanging in memory, but I can't see the program window!! I used Task manager -> Wait chain traversal (WCT) to identify the program that is interfering with startup. And this program turned out to be The Bat! WTF?!?!
Windows 11 22H2, The Bat!
I don't know if the fact that TB preceded Acad means that it must be the process blocking Acad.

What is the shortest step-by-step sequence of events to reproduce this problem? Please be specific about how you launch both TB and Acad.
Does the problem also occur when you run Windows in safe mode?
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To reproduce this problem, you must restart the system and run the Acad.exe file. After that, the Acad.exe process will be in the Task manager, but there will be no visible AutoCAD window. Then run Wait chain traversal and see that AutoCAD is waiting for TheBat.exe process. If I kill the AutoCAD process and start it again, the window will now appear. But with each new reboot, this will be repeated anew.

It is even easier to track the problem by running not the autocad itself, but dwg documents. If TheBat is running at the same time, then there is a very long wait, about 1 minute, before the AutoCAD window opens. As soon as I close TheBat, the dwg documents open normally without any delay (opening/closing a dwg document means opening/closing the AutoCAD window as well). As soon as I start TheBat, the problem with opening dwg documents immediately returns.
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Please see this message for two potential solutions:
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
selecting "Run CEF Browser in a single process" - from Options/Preferences/General

It helped, problem solved.
But how much time I spent searching for this bug, I don't even want to think about it...
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