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Downloading sent mail
I'm test flying The Bat and have connected my IMAP account provided by my ISP. My inbox successfully downloaded from the server. But I can't figure out how to download the other folders on the server, particularly sent mail and trash.

It looks like The Bat may be a winner for me but getting it configured the way I want has been frustrating. For instance, I had to reconfigure my email account several times before finally getting it right, but I couldn't delete the misconfigured account. The error message was something about the last user. So I had to uninstall and reinstall The Bat until I was able to connect and download messages. As mentioned, I have been able only to download the inbox.

Thank you in advancce for any help.
I don't use IMAP myself and it's not really clear to me what you have tried so far, but I do know that the Trash and Sent Mail folders are sometimes named differently, and that you can match yours to corresponding folders on the server to sync them. This is done through the Account  Properties. See:   -- Hope this helps.
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Thanks. I think I have it figured out.
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