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Disk crash help., Recovering form a crash
I have been a Bat user for a good few years now and have not last any data through crashes and re-installs.  If ever I have needed to re-install it’s always seemed to keep the account, folder and filter structure just fine.  Unfortunately my C drive started to die over the weekend resulting a new hard disk.  Luckily The Bat and all email resided on another E drive.  However when I come to re-install The Bat, although I can pick accounts up it has not picked up the folder structure or filters etc.  I suspect everything is kept in the registry which is on the old C drive.  Without recovering all this information I would have a hell of a job returning to where I was with email.  I have the old C drive in a caddy and can read most of it for a while before it fails.  I cant run Windows on it though.  The original registry information will be in there someplace.  Assuming that is where The Bat structure is kept, is there a way to recover this.  Or has anyone any other suggestions.


AFAIK, registry doesn't store critically needed information.

1. Filters are stored in special files in account (ACCOUNT.SRB for TheBat v.3).
2. To restore folders tree manually you can place folders into your mail folder and press magic key Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L - TheBat will find all lost folders in Mail folder and will show its in folders tree.

In old versions there was simple method to restore account data (account setting, filters and folders) from files:
1. Search for your old Mail folder
It contains subfolders with account names.
2. Place account subfolder in your new Mail Folder
3. Create account with the !!same!! name.
4. Next-Next-Next...
5. All data, including folder structure, messages, transport setting, filters are restored.

If you are re-installed TheBat to old location (especially "Mail" folder) - try from step 3 for all accounts.
I seem to remeber doing it with the old version of the Bat without any problem.  I just created a new account with the same name and pointed at the relevant account in the mail folder.  All folders off it seemed to just work.  But on this new version the same practice just gives me an inbox and non of the messages in folders as far as I can tell.

I presume account.srb will still be there on the E drive as that drive is intact.

When I first created an account using one of the old account names nothing seemed to appear excepr an empty inbox.  I had to manually import from the file in that folder.  Are you saying I dont have to do this.  Just create the empty, correctly named folder pointing at the correct directory then Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L will create all existing folders in that account AND import all the messages there.

Thank's again.

Can you tell version? It may have some bugs... especially
Before my post I tested steps on TheBat and this feature works fine.
BTW, i heard that some beta versions 2.x had the same bug.

And had you re-install same version as you had before?
The version says 3.0 on Help about.  
I tried CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+L and it doesnt seem to find any of the folders.  I look in the directories on the drive and everything is there still.

There must be someway to get it all back as it was :-(
Bob Lister wrote:

Make sure that Options - Preferences - System - Mail Directory points to your mail directory (E:\...).
If not - reinstall TheBat or edit registry.
(i don't know whats happens if you will move current account to old account from Preferences window - may be this will replace some files in old location with current files).
Or move folder to new location.

If folders are in real account folder - magic key must works (lost folders i mean)...

3.0 is too old and seems to have many bugs.
You can try latest version
The Bat! 3.01 RC3
Working again, thank's for the help.  It had installed to the C drive, and although picking up the mail directories correctly on the E drive Had not picked up a lot of the other parameters on the E drive.  I totally uninstalled and re-installed to E drive and it picked the folders up fine for each account.  Thanks again for your help.
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