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How to: one folder, several old accounts, Gathering several old, no longer used, accounts together (archiving)
(1) I have several old email accounts that I want to keep (the emails may be important some day) but they are no longer active.  I'd like to gather these together in one "Old stuff" folder.  It's not clear to me how I do that.  Suggestions?

(2) Where are "common folders" documented?  I've searched through the help and here online but can't find anything that defines what they are or how they are supposed to be used.  Any references would be appreciated.

Forgive me if these are stupid questions.  I have tried to solve this on my own and have searched through the help and these forums but haven't found what I was looking for.
Create a common folder with the name 'Old stuff' It's not really necessary to do this in a common folder, but as you are doing this store stuff from old accounts, you might prefer to do this account independent.

Now you can continue in two ways, move individual messages (select them, Ctrl-V will move them) or by moving complete folders (incuding their subfolders) You can do this by moving them out of their own account (Ctrl-Shift-Left), moving them up or down (Ctrl-Shift-Up/Down) and moving them into a new account (or common folder) by placing them under it and continue with Ctrl-Shift-Right
This moving of folders has two restrictions:
You can't move accounts into common (or other) folders
and a folder can't have two sub-folders with the same name.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you.  That seemed to work quite well.

Any info on question 2, re documentation on "common folders"?
Common folders aren't specifically documented. They're just folders that don't belong to an account. Same goes for common filters, they don't belong to an account either (and are therefore matched against the messages for all accounts).
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Fair enough, thanks for the info.
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