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redirect rule
Does TheBat have a way to do a redirect via a rule?
I need a way to preserve the original sender to a new address based on a rule that matches on the TO: address as if the sender had actualy sent the message to the new address.

Original message


Redirected message

Does TheBat have a way to do a redirect via a rule?


Account -> Sorting Office -> Incoming mail
Press the 'new filter' button
Give the newly created filter (what OE call rules) a proper name
Click on the 'sender' bit of the condition and change it into 'recipient'
Let it match your old address
Go to the 'Actions' tab
Select 'Redirect the message' from the available actions by double clicking on it. (You'll need to scroll down a bit before you find it)
You'll be prompted for an address to redirect it to. (The box with three dots will let you pick one from the address book)
Press 'OK' and you're done

There's hardly anything that TB can't do with filters, so go ahead and experiment with them.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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