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Anti-Spam plugin not installed, how to add it?

I just installed TheBat! 3 and wanted to check out the anti-spam filter. Unfortunately whenever I click on the "Mark as Junk" option I get the following error message: "No plug-ins with learning facilities installed".

I tried to add the BaYesIt! plugin via Options>Preferences>Protection>Anti-spam>Add but there is no *.TBP file in the BaYesIt! directory (nor is there one in the main TheBat! directory).

Please help.
You should download the file bayesit.tbp version
Usually it comes with the installation of TheBat!

Try this site:

It's working now, thanks for help :)
Bayesit! version comes with TB v3 installer and should be in a Bayesit folder. I would stay with this version for a even when upgrading TB.  The newer versions have changed internally and may be a problem for you. This version has been working very well for me.
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