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Migrating to Mac's Mail and propositions, need advice
Hi everyone,

my company is buying me a ibook so i need to migrate my mails to an OSX system.

how do i do that?

1. what's the best way to migrate 4 mail accounts, with 25000 mails in different folders?

2. what's the best way to migrate my address books?

3. Apple's got the Mail software already installed. how good is this? any better alternative?

i'll keep on using The Bat! on my other machine which is the cream ;)


R a d
1) You'd best export your messages to Unix mailbox format. Exporting to Unix mailbox can only be done of a per folder base:
Select all messages in a folder and then Tools->Export messages to->Unix mailbox

2) Export your AB to ldif

3) Apple mail isn't quite up to parr. That's what I understood from Apple users. I've heard about some alternatives, but as I'm not into Apple I forgot those immediately. You'd best ask on an Apple forum.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks Roelof,

always there to help, thanks,
I am having the same need, moving from the BAt to Mac OSX mail client

I tried exporting one of my many folders to unix mailbox.
I had the option (from the opened OS dialog) to choose among ALL the extensions my WIN XP has registered. Since such lack of restraint didnt made any sense to me, i decided not to add any extension the file and just save it as "mailbox"

but after copying it to my mac, choosing "import mailbox" from the Mail client, the mailbox file i generated from the BAt is NOT possible to be selected

So, Rad Nad, did you completed the migration without problems?  Could you pls tip me on what i am doing wrong?

thanks and long live the flying mammal
ps. support the bring the bat to Mac OSX thread¡
AFAIK latest mac computers use Intel(or compatible) CPU's, not the exotics from the past. So you can simply wipe the installed MacOS and install Windows instead to have a normal work environment. Then use theBat and any other apps as usual.
ok, clearly not a solution

i managed to get it to work by exporting each folder at a time to independent .eml files, copyed those to the mac box and import them to the MS Entourage mail client.
After doing that, I used the integrated "import from Entourage" of the Mail Mac OSx Client.

the computer became a bit clumsy while moving around 1500 emails at a time but the procedure worked and i have now all  my accounts form the Bat working @ mail.

I hope I contributed a bit to the Internet General Knowledge

Has anyone tried running The Bat! with Parallels or VMWare Fusion? I'd like to go (back) to a Macbook and that's my plan. Apple Mail is feature-dismal compared to TB! (There are other mailers available, e.g. Eudora, that might be better.)
Wonder why the staff of The Bat is so much un-flexible... With all these new Apple devices on the market, I see most of my friends and colleagues migrating to MAC OS...

Shame on the The Bat to not be developing with the market trends and to not have released YET a version for Mac OS...!
Just losing clients and users this way...

Frankly speaking The Bat was one of the very few reasons keeping me still with Windows, but I can't resist anymore to the problemless and user-friendly Mac operation..

Has anyone found an email client similar to The Bat?

What about Mozila Thunderbird? Share pls your experience,

Thanks in advance,
I presume the TB staff have not developed a Mac version because the MAC OS still hold a much smaller percentage of the market than the Windows flavours..
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