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need help configuring spam filter
every time I check mail I have spam going directly to my inbox folder, even I marked as spam 100+ messages. What am I doing wrong?

I usually think of 1000 as an optimum number of messages with which to train a Bayes spam filter.

Keep using the "Mark as Junk" menu option and gradually it will learn the difference, leaving less and less spam in your inbox.
Like, Marck said, I have only been using The Bat! for a few days. And I was very confused at first about the Bayes Spam Filter. So did a little reading and found out that I needed to TEACH it to know what the Spam was.

Now after getting to learn for a few days, I am only getting very few Spam messages in my inbox.

Just takes a little patience and teaching and it will do a great job ;)

right click on a message, special, mark as spam.  and don't forget to do the same with NO spam.

You can do this to multiple messages at once (good news eh!)

I have done over 400 emails, and 50 spam, and it caught 1 in my entire 2 months playing with it.

Dam ISP's filter is soo good that I only get a few messages that are really spam.. damit!
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