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Changing the default location of the mail folders
The other day I changed the default location of my TB directory from the normal location on c\documents and Settings\user\application Data\The Bat.... to a location on a different harddrive.

This worked very well until I made a big mistake and wrecked this drive. The good news is that I have a complete backup of the directory. Before fiddling with some software I transferred a full copy of the folder with all sub-folders to a network location.
I was now trying to reverse the storage location but I remember that the last time TB actually transferred all files directly to the requested new location after the setting was set under preferences and the program was restarted.
Since the current location is wrecked, I cannot expect TB to make this transfer. Can I manually move the saved folder/tree across to the new intended location or is there something else I should try. For the moment I would be happy to go back to the default.

Apart from the full copy of the TB directory, I also have a .tbk backup file though this was taken in the morning and all emails for that day would not be included.
put the backed up folder wherever you want, then go to
Options > Prefernces > System and select that folder as 'Mail directory', the theBat will display the accounts.  
This won't work as TB is not opening up.

I get the following error codes:

"cannot access directory F:TheBat  The volume does not contain a recognised file system. Please make sure that all required drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted"


"Failed to create working directory F:\TheBat\"

As mentioned before, the F:drive is history - so while my TB is on the normal C:Drive and the mail folder has been put back into its default location, at present I cannot open TB as it still tries to look elsewhere.
then start Regedit and go to

modify the path in "Working Directory" to match the new location of the mail folder, then start theBat
you are a champ - thanks for that. Got everything back working again  :D  
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