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Why can I not build a signature template or any template without html tagging a pic.  Look at the screen shots on the bat web site and it clearly shows a shot of the bat building a message with an inserted html tag.  

Please help  
I do not understand, what screesnhot You are talking about, there is a screenshot of editing HTML message, not from templates editor.

For now, HTML templates are not available, but news from development promises them for this year.
Well then - I cannot use The Bat.

I was evaluating your software for a switch away from Thunderbird - and like what I see - very much.  However, the lack of images in HTML templates has stopped my evaluation in its tracks.  Maybe in the future?

Reason for the need to switch from TBird: poor search capability.  I need to search the entire e-mail system (all folders and accounts) fast.  Thunderbird cannot do that.

So its Outlook for now.


the lack of images in HTML templates is very unfortunate.

I really prefer Bat but for my businness account I need the logo as per comapny mail standard.

When do you expect this to happen (HTML templates).
december 2008
Same for me, I need a signature with a logo. That is why I used Outlook for professional use.
However, I find TheBat so best that I prefer TheBat without HTML signature instead of Outlook.

Now, if the HTML signature arrives for this month, it's a great news !!
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